When the curtains opened...I knew you had put in a lot of work

April 2010. I, Fred Forte Jr., decided to do this for real. I decided that its time to be really serious about writing and see where it gets me. I had no money. I had no resources. All I had was God and the support of my family. So in essence I guess you can say....I had more than enough.

For The Love of Money. My first show. I discussed this idea with my cousins Tia and Aaron, who are close to me in age. I asked them...will you support me and help me get this started. They sais YES. I didn't have the capital to get a venue or pay for promotions or flyers. The only thing I had was my 1999 Cadillac STS (pictured below) that I would have to sell. I really really LIKED that car! But I had a bigger picture in mind. 

We worked long days. Cast some amazing singers and actors. Assembled one of the best bands that I've personally ever heard. And 484 people later....we made history. One of my class mates  came to my show and told me " I honestly didnt know what to expect when I came to the show...but when the curtains came up...I knew you had put in a lot of work"

OCTOBER 2010. 11:30pm. IHOP. I sat there with my cast and crew. We took up a huge section of the restaurant. We were beat. But we were proud.

At that moment I knew, I had no car and wasn't quite sure what the final count was....but I knew the best was yet to come.