What is Demo Reelz? There are a few things that are essential to every actor on there journey within the industry. Many would agree that a quality professional headshot, resume and demo reel are the basic necessities when you're looking to nail any audition. But maybe you're a beginner and dont have quality footage? Or perhaps you've gotten better and want newer footage to reflect that? Whatever the reason...we are here to help. By creating a customized demo reel that is specifically designed for you, you are sure to stand ahead of the competition and grab the attention of any casting director.



Editor Package

This package is for those who have the footage but need an editor. Don't waste your time or be frustrated with trying to beat that deadline, let one of our highly experienced editors help you out. 


The Newbie

Ok, so you've made up your mind you want to be an actor. Where do you start? With Demo Reelz®! With our starter package we can set you apart from even the most seasoned and experienced actors.  (Even if you are a can benefit from this as well)


The Refresher

Maybe you don't need the headshot(s)or resume building. What you need is an upgrade to your existing reel or just some new flavor overall. This is the package for you. Let's create material that they soon won't forget.